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PINKRAS Surface refinishing solutions. EKOPEL Bathtub coatings. HITROMAX high performance outdoor coatings



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This is a classic set for resurfacing swimming pool surface. It can be used outdoor and indoor. It's our best choice for outdoor pools because of 100% colour stability of this material.


  • DIY-friendly.  With our user-friendly instructions you can easily resurface your old pool yourself.  
  • Rapid curing time. Work takes 1-2 days depends on surface conditions. After 8 hours in last coat application you can use your swimming pool again. 
  • 100% color stability even in sunlight. Paint your pool once and for all. Our coating will save you from having to paint your pool every season. Probably the most durable coating known.  
  • Easy to repair. If you happen to need to repair new coating while in use, you can easily do so without repainting your entire pool. 

    Coverage: 12 m2 (1 layer)

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