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EKOPEL 2K-OPTIMUM Shower tray resurfacing coating. 24h curing time.

EKOPEL 2K-OPTIMUM Shower tray resurfacing coating. 24h curing time.

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EKOPEL 2K OPTIMUM is a bathtub resurfacing coating with a fast curing time of 24-36 hours, perfect for those who need to resume their daily routine quickly. This pour-on coating delivers excellent coverage and a smooth layer, all without the strong smell of paint.

Set includes

  • EKOPEL 2K-OPTIMUM, PART A. Weight is 1,4 kg
  • EKOPEL 2K-OPTIMUM, PART B. Weight is 0,25 kg
  • EKOPEL Bathtub Etching cleaner
  • Stir stick
  • Notched spreader
  • Waterproof sandpaper
  • User's manual

One set (1.65 kg) is sufficient for covering one shower tray of size 90x90 cm or less.

Technical data

  • It's suitable for all types of bathtubs: сast iron, steel, previously painted, hard plastic, fibreglass.
  • Working time of mixed coating (A+B): 60 min.
  • Cured time for bathing: 24-36 hours
  • Cured time for bathtub cleaning: 7 days.
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Advantages of EKOPEL 2K-OPTIMUM

  • The choice of professionals

    EKOPEL 2K-OPTIMUM is the best-selling material among professional craftsmen. Due to its accelerated curing time, their clients can resume using their bathtubs within just one day. DIY enthusiasts also use this material for renovating their bathtubs when quick curing is important to them. EKOPEL 2K-OPTIMUM has a shorter working time of 50-60 minutes compared to 90 min EKOPEL 2K-CLASSIC, but it is still quite easy to apply even for non-professionals.

  • Pouring application method

    First of all the uniqueness of this material is due to the way it is applied. The material is applied by pouring and no rollers or brushes are required. Due to this method of application, the coating forms a smooth layer, without roller marks. The EKOPEL 2K-OPTIMUM is self-levelling.

  • Odourless

    EKOPEL 2K-OPTIMUM has no caustic paint odour at the time of application and afterwards. EKOPEL 2K is based on 100% solid high quality resin. This resin is absolutely odourless. There will be no unpleasant odors in your apartment or the hallway of your apartment building, as if you were at a chemical plant. Restore your bathtub stress-free for yourself and your neighbors.

  • No peel

    Thanks to the use of high-quality European components EKOPEL 2K bathtub coating does not peel off, has a bright gloss and will last you a long time. The included cleaning solution allows you to properly prepare the surface before applying the material, enhancing the adhesion of the material to the bathtub.

  • Standard DIN EN 71-3

    This coating is tested in accordance with the requirements of the European standard DIN EN 71-3 (Coatings for children's toys). The coating is safe for humans and animals in the cured state.

  • No primer. Just one coat

    The application time is reduced by applying only one thick coat. No two coats are required, no primer or top-coat is needed. EKOPEL 2K is also ideal for bathtubs where the bottom is rough and eaten up by cleaning agents.

  • Excellent hiding power

    Excellent hiding power allows you to resurface bathtubs of any color (even dark gray, brown, green or yellow). No matter what color your bathtub was, your bathtub will become white and glossy after applying EKOPEL 2K Bathtub refinishing coating. Just one layer is needed.

  • Non yellowing

    Under minimal exposure to sunlight, the EKOPEL 2K-OPTIMUM coating does not yellow. This is achieved through the use of high-quality pigments in the coating. If your bathroom has a window, we recommend considering the EKOPEL 2K-GOLD coating.

  • Remove old caulk from bathtub ledge, clean the bathtub thoroughly from dirt and lime scale

  • Warm up the bathroom to +22ºC one day before the renovation.

  • Put the container with component A to the warm place (near the heating element) for 24 hours in the cold season.

  • Before material application mix two components thoroughly until you get a homogeneous mix. Mixing time should be at least 15 min.

  • The easiest way is to disconnect the drain pipe. If you don't dismantle the siphon, close up the drain hole until complete curing of the material.

  • Pour the material on the edges at first, then on the walls and after that on the bottom.

  • Use a heat gun. With hot air stream you can eliminate any roughness than can occur during renovation process.

  • When a bathtub is completely covered with the material, warm up the bottom with a heat gun.

How to apply EKOPEL 2K-CLASSIC