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HITROMAX SP-CLASSIC Swimming pool coating

HITROMAX SP-CLASSIC Swimming pool coating

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HITROMAX SP-CLASSIC is a unique set for swimming pool resurfacing. It can be used both outdoors and indoors. HITROMAX SP-CLASSIC is the best choice for outdoor pools due to its 100% color stability.

Set includes

  • HITROMAX SP-CLASSIC, PART A. Weight is 1000 g
  • HITROMAX SP-CLASSIC, PART B. Weight is 850 g
  • HITROMAX SP-CLASSIC, PART C, PIGMENT PASTE (Turquoise color) 120 g
  • User's manual

One set (1.97 kg) is sufficient to cover up to 12 m² in a single layer.

Technical data

  • Color: unique turquoise color.
  • HITROMAS SP-CLASSIC is suitable for all types of concrete or polyester swimming pools.
  • Surface must be primed with epoxy or polyurethane primers before applying HITROMAX SP-CLASSIC. You can use our HITROMAX EPOXY PRIMER
  • Working time of mixed coating (A+B): 15-20 min.
  • Cured time for touch: 2 hours
  • Curing time for filling water: 8 hours.
  • Ideal air temperature for applying: +15¬ļC...+25¬ļC

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  • DIY Friendly

    With our detailed instructions you can quickly and easily renew your swimming pool before the start of the season.

  • Does not peel off

    By following the HITROMAX¬ģ Dual Layer System, you will ensure that the coating will not peel off for many years. And if a chip occurs as a result of an impact or a heavy object falling on the coating, you can easily repair it with a repair kit.

  • 100% UV-Resistance

    HITROMAX SP is made from aliphatic polyurea, the most advanced material for outdoor coatings. This material is 100% resistant to UV and color changes. You won't need to repaint your pool every season.

  • Rapid curing time

    The HITROMAX SP coating has a quick curing time. Just 8 hours after applying the top layer, you can start filling the pool with water.

  • Unique turquoise color

    We have developed an exquisite turquoise color that will delight your eyes.